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80% of people searching Google don't look past page #1

Where are you placing for your keyword phrases on Google?

People search Google on their cell phones more than laptops & desktops

Is your website responsive on all devices?

Website Design & Development in Bonita Springs Florida

We provide very unique services & innovative ideas to business owners looking to increase their online presence and reach a new level in online marketing.

Analyze Data

First we analyze the client’s website and current online marketing platforms.

Compare & Contrast

Then we compare what is not working for them and what is actually helping.


We put together a comprehensive plan to increase the client’s online presence.

Responsive Design

Finally we implement the new changes in your new completely responsive website

Marketing Experience

Remember there are never problems with your past online marketing strategies only new challenges that need to be met head on!

Reliable Solutions

We're constantly providing new and exciting ideas that address your business' current challenges.

Tech Support

New Guy Media offers 24/7 tech support and there is always a qualified technical advisor available.

A Different Approach

There may be something that you've been trying to utilize in order to increase your online business that just doesn't get the results you're looking for. Let New Guy Media show you the latest most innovative ways to attack the web from every angle.

Responsive Web Design

Have you visited a website on your cell phone or tablet and you need to play around with it so that you can simply read it?

We Build Responsive websites at New Guy Media.  Responsive Web Design is about using HTML and CSS to automatically resize, hide, shrink, or enlarge, a website, to make it look good on all devices (desktops, tablets, and phones)


Video Production

We’re also Lee & Collier Counties premiere video production company. With over 15 years in the industry and experience working with major networks like A&E, CMT, Discovery Channel, and TLC among others, we are the best choice for your video production needs.

The demand for video content is on the rise. Streaming services and mobile devices are allowing consumers to watch videos anywhere and anytime.

  • 30 second website intro videos.
  • Looping background video clips to add that extra design aspect.
  • We've done everything from Youtube videos to major motion pictures.

Online Marketing

We know that your marketing and advertising doen’t end with an attractive website.  A great looking site does nothing if nobody is visiting it obviously.

Our team can implement every aspect of web marketing available on the internet today.  New Guy Media also offer many different packages to fit any budget and even some FREE plans that are part of your website design package.

  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Networking
  • PPC Advertising
  • Email Marketing and more...


We have a few different ways to secure your website as well as your online reputation.  At New Guy Media we understand how difficult it is for people to maintain an e-commerce website and not have to deal with security threats.  We have all of the very latest software on the market to insure that your site will never go down or be consumed by a virus of any kind.

Give us a call today at New Guy Media and we'll put together a fast & free estimate: (239) 238 - 8089

Let's Start

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Our Online Proficiency

We have been working with computers since the 80's when the Apple 2 Plus first hit the marketing so we've seen all of the incredible changes in technology and how it has impacted our society. We have written hundreds of thousands of lines of code in the past few years and we know what it takes to get you to the top of Google. Let's be honest, Google is where you need to be and your business must have a presence on that first page for your specific keyword phrases.

If you're looking to build an attractive website then we know you can find some kid with a laptop to put it together for $500 but you will never see your site generate any business without all of the coding, content manipulation and search engine optimization that goes on in the background.

How good are we at what we do?






Customer Satisfaction

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We live and love to design & develop websites!

Our Talented Team

Our amazing group of people work together to bring you the very best in responsive website design and specialized online marketing.

Vincent Clinton

Vincent Clinton

CEO - Founder
Jimmy Breaz

Jimmy Breaz

Albert Joseph

Albert Joseph

Advertising Manager
Josephine Lily

Josephine Lily

Creative Director