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We focus on presenting content and strategies that are guaranteed to move the audience to action, At New Guy Media we never stop searching for that next BIG thing.

We help our clients grow their business by understanding what matters most to their customers.  We then follow up with new & specialized ideas for driving future your customers.

Our innovative ideas for the future are what separates us from the rest.  Our marketing packages always include more than one way to attack the internet and we usually recommend a minimum of three different avenues for online marketing.

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All of our numbers have increased almost exponentially since our inception in 2009!


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At New Guy Media we believe that teamwork is the key not only on our end but while working with our clients.  We find that when we connect with our clients and form a new team with them that the process is much smoother and the final product is something that both parties are very happy with.

Our business is separated into distinctly different groups but every one of our team members understands the value of the others.  Working together is the cornerstone of any successful business.